Rockefeller University Research Assistant in New York, New York

Department Description

Our Laboratory uses high throughput sequencing and other techniques to investigate the proteins that regulate RNA and thereby affect gene expression. Our interest in this system originated from a study of naturally occurring tumor immunity associated with a group of rare brain disorders, and has since expanded to neuron-specific RNA-binding proteins in the mammalian brain, and more generally to functional genomics and human disease.

Detailed Description

Working closely with a lead neuroscientist and postdoctoral fellows, the Research Assistant will contribute to projects focused on elucidating the molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease with a focus on small RNAs. The Research Assistant will utilize molecular biology techniques, including high throughput sequencing by L-cross linking immunoprecipitation (HITS-CLIP), quantitative PCR, Western blot, and gene editing in cell cultures using CRISPR-CAS.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree in science required; educational emphasis in molecular biology preferred. Prior experience with cell culture and working with RNA and/or proteins, such as Western blots and immunoprecipitation experiments, preferred. Must be highly motivated.

Job Title: Research Assistant

Laboratory / Department: Molecular Neuro-oncology

Job: IRC21124

The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans